Limit Order

While market orders will fill the available positions in the order book, limit orders will not be filled until their limit price is reached. Limit orders add liquidity to the order book.

Placing a Limit Order

To create a limit order, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on Buy (Long) / Sell. (Short)

  2. Select Limit.

  3. Input a limit price

  4. Input an Order Size.

  5. Select a Leverage Amount (if other than 1x).

  6. Review the Order. Traders may need to add additional collateral to their subaccount depending on the order size.

  7. Click Place Order.

After making a limit order, traders will see it the order added to the orderbook!

Limit Order Example

The current price of Milady is 2.55 ETH. A trader wants to long once the price falls to 2.4 ETH.

The trader places a limit order with a 2.4 limit price. The order will remain open until filled or canceled.

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