Fee Tiers

There are four initial fee tiers on Odyssey. Each fee tier has its own maker and taker fees as well as its own 30-day notional requirements.

How Fee Tiers are Calculated

Your tier is based on your 30-day trailing notional volume across all markets within a single address. For example, if you traded $500,000 in notional over the past 30 days then you would be in the Silver Tier.

You will move up to the next highest fee tier immediately upon passing the upper 30-day notional threshold. Every day at midnight UTC, the fee tier on your account will be recomputed downwards if insufficient 30-day trailing volume has been performed in the market.

Notional from Liquidity Pool trades is separate from trade notional.

Odyssey's Fees

Traders pay a single fee when their order is filed. You can view the fee you'll pay in the trade ticket before placing a trade. There are no gas fees on Odyssey, so this is the only fee you will pay.

Fees are standard across all markets.

Fee Tier Perks

Each fee tier comes with a unique set of perks. We’ll share more information on additional perks at a later date.

Fee Tier Expansion

As volume on Odyssey increases, we intend to modify fee tier requirements and add additional fee tiers. We plan to change fee tiers with a 14-day notice period for traders. We will announce changes in our discord announcement channels, as well as on other channels.

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