The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is Hook's points program.

Treasure Chests can be earned by opening trades (both market and limit orders), providing liquidity to Odyssey’s market-neutral pools, and more! All Treasure Chests are worth the same amount, but certain actions can allow you to earn more like more competitive trades (ex: limit orders closer to the index price) and higher notional trades.

Traders will soon be able to view the number of Treasure Chests they will earn for each trade in real-time.

The launch of Odyssey means we’re one step closer to treasure chests opening.

For Previous Hook Traders and Option Writers

Traders and options writers on Hook’s fully collateralized call options protocol were able to earn Treasure Chests with different rarities.

All Treasure Chests previously earned will be converted to Treasure Chests of the same value.

You can see your previously earned chests in the ‘Rewards’ Tab.

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